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Hans Dembowski

Hans Dembowski

is editor-in-chief of D+C/E+Z.

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Our view

Why SDG2 – ending hunger – deserves very much attention

For the sake of food security, policymakers must focus on smallholder farms


Journalists must consider the global public good

Why it is outdated for media to focus on which government is leading the international community

Development policy

Germany’s approach to feminist development policy

Svenja Schulze on how the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development will promote women’s rights

Global affairs

How Biden’s promise of America being back might come true

White House stance on both climate and democracy are of great global relevance

Sustainable development

Bengali doctor says pandemic proved validity of SDG agenda

Covid-19 caused hardship in Bangladesh, but proved less devastating than initially feared


There is no democratic equality online

Freedom of speech and the internet

International trade

The WTO has not collapsed, but it does look shaky

The big promises of the Doha Development Round did not come true

Food security

“Smallholder farms must benefit from innovations”

Research must pay more attention to family farms, says Hildegard Lingnau of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation


Why Putin’s imperialist war must be condemned

Russia’s attack on Ukraine fundamentally differs from recent western-led military campaigns

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