The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to transform economies in an environmentally sound manner, leaving no one behind.

Humankind needs more stringent environmental regulations

The global environmental crisis is escalating. The international community has made progress on adopting agreements, but much more needs to happen. Online courses on the UNEP website help to get a deeper understanding of international law.

Disaster control

How to manage global risks effectively

Due to the climate crisis, disasters happen more frequently and with greater damage. We need better communication and information to deal with them

Impact investing

SDG financing: how billions become trillions

To mobilise private funds, the business environment must be appropriate

Indigenous peoples

Fighting “green colonialism”

Environmental activist Joan Carling explains what climate justice means for indigenous peoples


How Kenya is affected by climate injustice

African countries are least responsible for the climate crisis, but are hit hardest by its effects. In Kenya, the impacts are devastating

Women’s empowerment

Climate justice requires gender justice

The impacts of global heating are not gender neutral, so the response cannot be gender neutral either

World Bank

Biden’s interesting choice for the World Bank’s top job

Ajay Banda, who thrived on Wall Street, will most likely be appointed World Bank president

Reducing emissions

OECD assesses carbon pricing internationally

Experts warn that fuel subsidies are harmful


Social disparities thwart climate justice

Environmental burdens must be shared fairly – within world regions and between them

German policy

BMZ makes bold statement of intent

The new Africa strategy of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

Letter to the editor

Agrarian traditions exploited

A reader’s response to the editorial comment in the November issue of our Digital Monthly