South Asia

Language politics in India

There is disagreement about whether children should be taught in Hindi or English after their respective regional language


Understanding people in their native language

Ever since author Martin Kämpchen learned to speak Bengali, he has seen India with new eyes

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Religious communities

Legacy of colonial divide-and-rule strategies

Divisive politics of pitting Hindus against Muslims in India and Pakistan

Identity politics

The painful partition of India

How colonial India became two and eventually three different countries

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Religious totalitarianism

Iran’s protests resonate around the world

Women everywhere must be free to go where they like and dress as they please

Sri Lankan politics

Wickremesinghe is protecting the Rajapaksa clan in Sri Lanka

In Colombo, the current head of state and his disgraced predecessor have become awkward allies

Sovereign default

Sri Lanka’s reform agenda is intimidating

To get IMF support, Sri Lanka must achieve the restructuring of existing loans


Why “slow politics” may make a difference in India

Part two of Krupa Ge’s account of Rahul Gandhi’s long march across India

Extreme weather

Climate impacts compound Pakistan’s pre-existing problems

Why this summer’s floods will reduce food security in Pakistan in the long run


Gandhi shows humility in line with South Asian spirituality

Policymaker attempts to revitalise India’s inclusive sense of nationhood – and the reputation of the Congress Party

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