Digital future for D+C/E+Z

An important chapter in the history of D+C/E+Z will end this year. From 2025 on, we will exclusively distribute our content online.

After more than 60 years, we will discontinue our print edition. The final print issues will go to press in June and November respectively. Digital technology allows us to reach out to international target groups fast and in an environmentally sound manner. At this point, our website www.dandc.eu already has visitors from more than 180 countries.

We hope to convince our print subscribers of the powerful digital options we offer. They include our website as well as our Digital Monthly with its topical focus section. You can download the monthly PDF free of charge from www.dandc.eu. To stay briefed on what we are doing, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter or follow us on social media: 

LinkedIn: D+C Development and Cooperation
Twitter/X: @forumdc
Facebook: D+C Development and Cooperation

We will expand our digital outreach from 2025 on. Our final print issue will include comprehensive information regarding the additional digital options we are currently creating.

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