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Ground-breaking lawsuit

Andes farmer takes on conglomerate

In Peru, a farmer is calling on a German company to take responsibility for glacier melt in a ground-breaking lawsuit

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Mexico wants to prevent teenage pregnancies

What young Latin Americans must learn about sex and reproductive health

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Democracy under attack

8 January 2023 in Brasília looked like 6 January 2021 in Washington

In protest against legitimate election results, right-wing extremists vandalised government buildings


A future for the Pantanal

Traditional communities protect biodiversity of world’s largest inland wetland in Brazil


Empowerment of female smallholders

An agroecological community project in Mexico has empowered women and achieved a major mindset change of the residents towards them


Back to school after the pandemic

After the Corona pandemic, underfunded schools in Guatemala struggle to operate due to Covid-19 procedures and students deficits


A Lula victory could save Brazil’s democracy

Why Brazil’s run-off election on 30 October may become the last fee and fair one

Central America

Planting diverse crops, securing livelihoods

Farming in a traditional and sustainable way benefits biodiversity and helps against external shocks


New strategies for female entrepreneurs

In Mexico, online business trainings help female entrepreneurs to expand their businesses

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