Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals will require good governance – from the local to the global level.

Why AI is likely to reinforce common narratives

Innovative AI systems are able to write astonishingly good manuscripts. Some chatbots are accessible online. This technology will have far-reaching impacts – and they will make formal education more, not less important. Chatbots, moreover, will probably reinfo...

Global affairs

How western diplomats should approach India

India is an indispensable giant, but human rights and democratic principles matter too

Global governance

What is wrong with WTO and IMF?

Indonesian economist assesses recent track record of two multilateral institutions of vital importance for international development


High tech failed to make Nigeria’s presidential election transparent

Nigerian voters are frustrated because digital election tools did not deliver promised results

Social Media

Join us to discuss global development

Share your opinion on global development on our social media channels

Our view

Digitalisation requires private dynamism and prudent regulation

How private-sector companies drove digital progress in developing countries and why governments still matter

Environmental law

Humankind needs more stringent environmental regulations

Online courses on the UNEP website help to get a deeper understanding of international law

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Government criticism

Protection for protesters by anonymity of the internet

Fearing life-threatening violence, demonstrators go online with their protest against the government in Zimbabwe

Disaster control

How to manage global risks effectively

Due to the climate crisis, disasters happen more frequently and with greater damage. We need better communication and information to deal with them

Human rights

Abolishing the death penalty

Fulfilling a pledge made while campaigning for office, Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema abolished the nation’s death penalty on December 2022

Middle East

Jewish voices assess Israel’s current crisis

Netanyahu’s right-wing government is facing unprecedented protests