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Progress Mwareya

contributed to D+C/E+Z in 2023 as a freelance journalist based in east Zimbabwe.  

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Migrant’s anger

Who else profits from remittances

Zimbabwean migrants are frustrated that the billions of dollars they are wiring home are heavily taxed and benefiting the country’s tiny but very rich ruling elite.

Large-scale projects

Chinese funded steel mill displaces locals in Zimbabwe

The promises and expectations of the government have been met with doubt by locals who are already facing adverse effects due to the ongoing project.


No more work for informal garbage collectors

In Harare, a foreign company got a deal for exclusive rights for garbage collection, what infuriated informal worker


The pros and cons of plastic water tanks

Large water tanks are a blessing in case of water shortage in Zimbabwe, but also have downsides

Illegal commuter taxis

Taking the risk

Cheap and fast illegal commuter taxis are a popular alternative to public buses in Zimbabwe

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