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Mireille Kanyange

Mireille Kanyange

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in autumn of 2022 as a journalist and reporter of Radio Isanganiro in Burundi.

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Personal experiences

Covid-19 impacts worldwide

D+C/E+Z contributors from very different countries share their personal experiences on the Corona pandemic

Global heating

Lake Tanganyika: levees needed

Tens of thousands of Burundians have been displaced by impacts of climate crisis


Where women work and men decide

According to a Burundian saying, he who lacks a good woman lacks wealth

Mineral extraction

In search of a fair deal

Burundi wants a bigger share of the income from the nation’s mining operations

Ethnic strife

An elusive truth

Burundi’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission faces accusations of ethnic bias


Pressed into service

Human traffickers in Burundi find ways to get around child-protection laws

Children’s rights

On society’s fringes

Burundi’s legal safety net for children remains full of holes

Colonial past

German heritage in Burundi

In the early 20th century Burundi was a German colony – traces of that past can still be seen


Lake Tanganyika rises up

Communities along Lake Tanganyika face devastation from rising floodwaters

East Africa

Two African neighbours give peace a chance

Rwanda and Burundi are normalising relations after a nearly six-year dispute

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