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Raphael Mweninguwe

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in summer of 2022 as a freelance journalist based in Malawi.

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No water in hospitals

Hospital patients suffer from lack of water in Malawi

Child labour

No more children in the tea estates

In Malawi child labour is very common, but there are initiatives to change matters

Personal experiences

Covid-19 impacts worldwide

D+C/E+Z contributors from very different countries share their personal experiences on the Corona pandemic


Corruption endemic in all sectors

Several embezzlement scandals have rocked Malawi with government officials accused of misusing funds


Poverty and cultural norms push youngsters to get married

Local leaders in Malawi launched a campaign to end child marriages

Food security

“A food crisis is looming”

Floods and drought threaten maize yields in Malawi

Rule of law

Prison sentence for business tycoon in Malawi

In terms of its constitutional role, Malawi’s judiciary is becoming increasingly assertive

Child brides

The scourge of early marriage

Poverty and cultural traditions push young girls into marriage in Malawi


Hunger amid plenty

To end hunger, nations must reform entire food systems, not just boost farm output


“Village banks” face winds of change

“Village bank” lending circles face regulation and commercial bank competition

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