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Jeffrey Moyo

Jeffrey Moyo

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in summer of 2022 as a journalist and lives in Harare, Zimbabwe.  

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Sick children

Emotional and economic hardships

Children born with severe heart conditions do not have a big chance of getting adequate medical treatment in Zimbabwe


Sign language is crucial for integration

Deaf and dumb people in Zimbabwe are mostly excluded from social and work life because not enough people can use sign language


Caring for victims of sexual violence

A clinic in Bulawayo offers free medical and psycho-social care to victims of sexual violence and rape


Boreholes to nowhere

Groundwater resources in Zimbabwe are being depleted through over-use

Prison conditions

D+C correspondent locked up in Zimbabwean prison

Jeffrey Moyo endured three weeks in Zimbabwean jails under horrifying conditions

Backyard distilleries

Covid-19 crisis boosts thriving trade in moonshine

As bars closed in lockdown, illicit home-made alcohol filled market in Zimbabwe

Plastic waste

A tidal wave of trash

A tide of plastic waste threatens Zimbabwe’s environment and key industries


Poverty in old age

Zimbabwe’s senior citizens face lives of grinding poverty


Zimbabwe’s disappearing cows

Zimbabwe’s once-robust cattle herd is falling victim to drought and disease

Child prostitution

Hunger and poverty make young girls sell their bodies

Zimbabwe is seeing a spike in child prostitution as poverty and hunger spread

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