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Derrick Silimina

Derrick Silimina

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in summer of 2022 as a freelance journalist based in Lusaka, Zambia. He focuses on Zambian agriculture and sustainability issues.

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Technological development

Affordable internet access for all

In Zambia, internet access is still limited, but the Starlink company of US billionaire Elon Musk aims to improve the situation


LGBTQI rights remain sensitive issue

A fashion event steers uproar in Zambia as religious moralists criticise the promotion of homosexuality and minority rights


Consumers appreciate new taxi apps in Zambia

IT is making mobility easier and cheaper in Africa, but there are downsides

Personal experiences

Covid-19 impacts worldwide

D+C/E+Z contributors from very different countries share their personal experiences on the Corona pandemic

Knowledge building

Training local artisans to produce school furniture

Hoping to improve school conditions in Zambia by producing locally made desks for students


Zambia and DRC partnering in battery production

Zambia and the DRC hope to become massive producers and refiners of cobalt for electric vehicle batteries

Mobile money

Fraudsters scam mobile phone users out of their

More and more people use mobile apps for digital payment – fraudsters take advantage of this


Training tailors, cooks or service staff

Catholic nuns try to help young women in Zambia to escape poverty


Zambia fights corruption

New government of Zambia assures that it wants to fight corruption and takes first measures

Mining & Fisheries

Casting a wide net

Mining company KML aids the environment by putting fish in two of its dams

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