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Bimbola Oyesola

Bimbola Oyesola

last wrote for D+C/E+Z in autumn of 2021as a Lagos-based journalist.

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Personal experiences

Covid-19 impacts worldwide

D+C/E+Z contributors from very different countries share their personal experiences on the Corona pandemic

Climate crisis

Extreme heat endangers health

Nigeria is facing extreme heat – people have to adjust their lifestyle

Traditional health care

Escaping the curse of childlessness

Traditional approaches to overcoming infertility in Nigeria


Be fruitful and multiply

In Nigeria childless couples face ostracism – and women suffer in particular Webheadline: Infertility is a human -rights issue

Women’s empowerment

Double burden of household work and earning money

As in many developing countries, masses of women are slaving away in Nigeria’s informal sector


Africa’s Amazon

The Nigerian e-commerce platform Jumia has been making a difference in consumers’ lives for nine years

Urban infrastructure

Urban headaches

Lagos – a city of dreams and nightmares

Gender policies

The odds against women

Nigerian trade unions promote gender justice, though not with much bite

Development and the arts

Novelist, activist, martyr

The lasting legacy of Ken Saro-Wiwa in Nigeria

Social Inclusion

Solidarity in diversity

Trade unions in Nigeria in pursuit of social justice

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