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Alphonce Shiundu

Alphonce Shiundu

last contributed to D+C/E+Z in summer of 2022 as a Kenyan journalist, editor and fact-checker.  

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Informal sector

Broadening the tax base by registering informal workers

So far, only 6 million people pay taxes in Kenya

Government revenues

Kenya’s new president wants to collect more tax money

Kenya’s huge public debt is choking public spending and undermining the economy

International trade

The WTO has not collapsed, but it does look shaky

The big promises of the Doha Development Round did not come true


Elections in Kenya disputed once again

After the country’s 2022 presidential elections, the Kenyan Supreme Court is once again being asked to fix politics


Nairobi-based business lobby issues pre-election manifesto

What the Kenya Association of Manufacturers wants the next government to do

East Africa

The key to Kenya’s industrial growth

Kenya’s textile and apparel sector is struggling with various bottlenecks

Violent conflict

Reasons why the AU is dithering while Ethiopia burns

Only Ethiopians can solve Ethiopia’s problems


How Mauritian journalists report about women

Researcher provides evidence of Mauritian media not treating both genders equally

Gender justice

To empower women, pass and enforce laws

Africa needs more women in positions of leadership, and that will require socio-cultural change


Tribalism hides the gap between rich and poor

Kenya’s underlying class struggle needs to be addressed

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